Dear sporting friends, welcome to the official web site of the international tournament of futsal «ISTRIA FUTSAL MASTERS CUP 2021»!

From today and to the moment of the start of the competitions, all of us are the important part of the development of the wonderful kind of sport under the name «Futsal». And it’s exactly that word, for the sake of what, we live, create, develop ourselves and become transmitters of basic values for the personal development of the young generation and futsal.

The Motherland of the team «ISTRIA FUTSAL MASTERS CUP 2021» is Ukraine. We assert proudly – we are Ukrainians and we love our country, and as the representatives of futsal association, we want to tell about our values, and to share the personal experience with the presentatives of other cultures, nationalities, races and religions.

We have what to tell and show you. Behind we had the complicated way of becoming and developing one of the best futsal club in Ukraine – the sport club «Sokil» (Khmelnytskyi), organization and realization a lot of futsal competitions among professional, junior’s and amateur  teams.

Our main values are respect, honesty and tolerance. In our hearts is spirit of changes and permanent progress. We aim to attain the greatest sporting heights, inculcating the newest and modern approaches. Our motto is never stop fighting.In our work we popularize series of values which are peculiar to futsal such as team work, solidarity, responsibility, spirit of winner.

All this personifies our love to futsal and is the mean of introduction of healthy way of life that is the essence of «ISTRIA FUTSAL MASTERS CUP 2021». We believe sincerely, that our experience will be useful for you and participation in the tournament will give you the enormous amount of positive emotions on the paradise beach near the Adriatic Sea.

At your request, the ISTRIA FUTSAL MASTERS CUP 2021 team is ready to provide video and photo reports from previous futsal tournaments.

Your sincerely, the team «ISTRIA FUTSAL MASTERS CUP 2021»!